The only site helping you make road test reservations in Ontario, Canada.

We are the only site that provides road test booking service in Ontario, Canada. This site is dedicated to help you book Ontario road test appointments.

  • 24*7
    We check appointment availability for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; our website and online services open for customers all the time.
  • Efficient
    Any time there is an available appointment in the online Road Test Booking System (managed by Ministry of Transportation, Ontario), if it's your desired one (as noted by you in your order), we will have it reserved for you before anyone else takes it. Yes, this is how efficient we are!
  • Reliable
    We by far have the best chance to get your desired appointment booked than anyone else.
  • Flexible
    After you have purchased our service, any time before we have booked an appointment for you, you can change your desired appointments (test centres and date/time ranges) on our site, and we will then try to book new appointment for you immediately upon your request. No extra charges!
  • Unlimited Choices
    You can choose to book an appointment for different test centres, not just for a particular one! You can also choose to book an appointment for any date/time range.
  • 100% Full-Refund Guarantee
    Any time before your road test appointment has been booked by us, just login our website and cancel your order, you will get a full refund within 1 business day. Totally risk free!
  • Quick Customer Notification
    You will get email notification and free phone notification (upon your request) when your appointment has been booked.
  • Safe and Secured Personal Information
    Your payment is made through PayPal (one of the most secure and reliable online payment company). We don't collect your credit card information or sensitive personal information other than your driver's license. Any information you submit to us through this website is encrypted first before being transfered over Internet. Your personal information is used for booking your appointment only, and won't be shared with any third-party.
  • Discounts for Existing Customers
    By just using our service once, you will get discounts any time you use our service again (usually 20% off or more)!

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